Public Deliverables

WP2 “Use Cases Analysis, System Requirements and Overall Architecture”

D2.1 – State of the art, use cases analysis, platform requirements and KPIs (M6)
D2.2 – Initial release of EMPYREAN architecture (M7)
D2.3 – Final EMPYREAN architecture, use cases analysis and KPIs (M12)

WP3 ” Security, Trust and Seamless Data and Computing Management”

D3.1 – Security, trust and data management for distributed data processing (M15)
D3.2 – Software-defined edge interconnect and service assurance mechanisms (M15)
D3.3 – Final report on security, trust, seamless data and computing management (M26)

WP4 “Decentralized Intelligence and Application Development and Deployment “

D4.1 – Low-code application description, seamless deployment and analytic-friendly (M15)
D4.2 – Intelligent resource management, cyber threat intelligence and EMPYREAN  Aggregator (M15)
D4.3 – Final report on decentralized intelligence, application development and deployment (M26)

WP5 “Platform Integration and Use Case Developments”

D5.1 – Use cases technological developments (M18)
D5.2 – Initial release of EMPYREAN integrated platform (M18)
D5.3 – Final version of use cases technological developments (M28)
D5.4 – Final release of EMPYREAN integrated platform (M36)

WP6 “Use Cases Demonstrators and EMPYREAN Evaluation”

D6.1 – KPIs and evaluation methodology (M30)
D6.2 – Demonstrators’ deployment and EMPYREAN evaluation (M36)

WP7 “Business Modelling, Dissemination, Standardization and Exploitation”

D7.1 – Factsheet, project presentation and website development (M2)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Research & Innovation Action (RIA) programme under grant agreement No 101136024.