EMPYREAN aims at creating a collaborative autonomous computing ecosystem over heterogeneous resources, different providers and connectivity types

In this way, federations of collaborative resources will be created, referred to as IoT-Edge Associations or simply Associations

This Association-based continuum will balance computing tasks and data locally inside an Association as well as between federated Associations

An Association will constitute a secure execution environment where the trust between data generating and data processing entities will be continuously validated, while identity and data access management will assure controlled access and confidentiality of data among different organizations

The EMPYREAN platform will be empowered by automated tools and mechanisms for seamless interconnection, efficient data processing of ML-workloads and secure distributed edge storage

Technologies will be developed for Associations-native application development and deployment, for AI-driven value extraction of high volume and dynamic IoT data

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Research & Innovation Action (RIA) programme under grant agreement No 101136024.